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A recent article by Traditional Home’s Jennifer Boles discussed “why we are yearning for traditional décor again” and provided the exact term for the style that we uniquely support in our store, “Neo-traditionalism.”

Neo-traditionalism is lighter, softer, and updated

This newest evolution of traditional is not the “old world” type French or Italian, or the heavily done English looks (think Laura Ashley) of the 1980s and early 90s.  Rather than incorporating heavy elements, “Interior designers are revisiting [the softer side of traditional]. Those hallmarks of classic decorating, such as chintz, skirted tables, needlepoint pillows, and glazed, solid-colored cotton fabrics—all of which last experienced widespread popularity back in the day—are appearing once again in interiors. This time around, however, they feel different. Some might even say modern.”

With Neo-traditionalism, the rules are less strict

“While designers may harbor different theories for why tradition is making a comeback, they have formed a consensus when it comes to the look of neo-traditionalism: cleaned up and stylistically fluid, meaning that in addition to jabots being sidelined this time around, so too is traditionalism’s once-rigid definition. Today’s designers now prefer to mix the old with the new.”

“‘In 1992, when I started working for Mark Hampton, people weren’t mixing in modern things as much. It was very much an English country house look, so chintz would typically be used with Regency furniture,’ remembers Markham Roberts, who has since become known for blending styles and periods to create his timeless interiors. ‘Now you see things in a broader way. It’s not about a strict interpretation.’”

For quality antiques and the other elements to complete your own look of Neo-traditionalism, visit us soon.


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We work with a small network of multi-generational antiques picking families in Europe to hand-select and direct import one of the Metroplex's finest collection of antiques. 
Delft Pottery


Heritage Antiques and Interiors specializes in Delft blue and white pottery with our owners having visited the remaining factories in the town of Delft.  We offer one of if not the most extensive collection of Delft in the Texas.

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