As acclaimed designer Nate Berkus has noted, "If you want to add character to your home the quickest way to do that is to add old things."  At Heritage Antiques and Interiors we believe that truly great homes do not contain rooms chosen entirely from the pages of catalogs.
Our goal is to provide you with one-of-a-kind antiques imported directly from Europe along with complimentary new items of the highest quality.  This combination will give your home character and make it unique.

We take our inspiration from the world's finest homes, particularly the stately country houses of England and France.  Commenting on the detailed decorating of her own country home, South Wraxall Manor, Gela Nash-Taylor founder of Juicy Couture, remarked, "When you walk in you don't look around and feel like it was just decorated.  There's nothing about it that feels that way. It feels authentic."


We believe that timeless decorating is just about that, rooms that do not feel like they were just decorated -- rooms that feel authentic.


Fill your home with Heritage.


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We work with a small network of multi-generational antiques picking families in Europe to hand-select and direct import one of the Metroplex's finest collection of antiques. 
Delft Pottery


Heritage Antiques and Interiors specializes in Delft blue and white pottery with our owners having visited the remaining factories in the town of Delft.  We offer one of if not the most extensive collection of Delft in the Texas.

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