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Old money decorating

Fans of Downton Abbey are quite familiar with the quips of Lady Mary. In Season 1 she tours Haxby Park, a palatial home her fiance, Sir Richard, is proposing to buy for them. It is completely empty at the time and when Sir Richard suggests they can simply buy all of the necessary furnishings, Lady Mary remarks, "Your lot buys it; my lot inherits it."

An atristocrat like Lady Mary may talk of peerage and others may refer to "old money" and "new money." In such conversations, it's clear that the connotations around "old money" are typically preferrable.

In some sense, we would say that the decorating style that we support could be called "old money decorating." It's most likely that nobody with a title will read this post, and few of us were born to massive inheritances, but the authentic look that aged, quality pieces offer is available to us all in antiques.

Even if you just left our shop with something quite old that's "new" to you, it will come with a character and rich patina that will make everyone assume you inherited it. Then, you will be able to pass your quality purchase along to your children or grandchildren so that their lot will inherit it.

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